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Dear Reader

If you are thinking of purchasing any of my books please use the links found on this website. This is the ONLY OFFICIAL SITE for my books please do not use third party websites and please DO NOT buy from them. I have unfortunately been forced to put this statement on my website as the publisher of my book Createspace, have refused to prevent third party websites from advertising my book and speculating on it at ridiculously inflated prices. They do not hold any stock and will only order a book to sell to you when they have an order. Please order direct from Amazon.

I have not sanctioned this practice and have contacted Createspace and on numerous occasions to complain about it and requested that it is stopped. I have not given any third party websites permission to use any of my cover art or the contents of my books on their sites. Please do not purchase my book from them.

As they have refused to do anything with regards the removal of these sellers from its website, I have had to put this statement on my site. I have seen my book for sale at anywhere between $30 to over $90. You should not be paying anymore than $9.95 for my book in the USA. That is the price I have set on Createspace and you should not be paying anymore than this price. It is unbelievable that Amazon are allowing the blatant misuse of my copyrighted material and refuse to stop these scammers using other peoples work for a quick profit.

If you wish to purchase a copy of Kenpo - How to Survive Life, please visit the only official link to my sales channel here. Alternatively click on the link below.

May I also take this opportunity to thank everyone that has purchased a copy of my books, the second book in this series Kenpo - Eye of the Storm, has now been published and can be purchased at or

The third book in this series, Kenpo 21 has now been published with the official link below.

Roy Travert

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This is the third book in this series on Kenpo, it is about the application of Kenpo from my own personal perspective, and how after thirty years of training and working in the security industry, I have seen some horrendous violent crimes inflicted on innocent people and the damage that has been done to them. Life is full of violence, it is simply a fact of life, it is how you learn to deal with it that is important.

Developing the correct mental, as well as physical fighting skills that contain valid proven principles of motion, based on scientific and practical experience, is essential to protect yourself in today’s increasingly hostile society. The twenty-one key principles found within this book will enhance, aid, and improve the physical and mental skills taught in American Kenpo Karate system. They are priority principles found in all martial art systems and can be used by anyone regardless of what they are learning. Having an in-depth knowledge of these principles entails having an understanding of physics and how this knowledge will transfer into understanding the sophistication found in basic self-defense techniques.

Ingraining them into your subconscious mind will increase the speed at which you retain information, and how it is understood and processed by the person learning it. The end goal of any practitioner is to develop this skill set to attain a flexible powerful and functional mindset. This is then complemented by the use of physical self-defense techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones.


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