Kenpo Syllabus

Kenpo Karate is known for its focus on self-defense, and as such, it teaches a wide variety of techniques that are designed to be effective in real-world situations. Some of the self-defense techniques commonly found in Kenpo Karate include:

Striking Techniques: Kenpo Karate uses a variety of strikes, including punches, palm strikes, elbow strikes, and knee strikes. These strikes are designed to be quick, powerful and effective against a variety of targets, such as the head, body, and limbs.

Blocks: Kenpo Karate teaches a variety of blocks that are designed to deflect or redirect an opponent's strikes. These blocks can be used to protect the head, body, and limbs, and can also be used to set up counterattacks.

Joint Locks: Kenpo Karate teaches a variety of joint locks that are designed to control an opponent's movement and disable them. These locks can be used on the arms, legs, and torso and are often used in combination with strikes and kicks.

Throws: Kenpo Karate also teaches a variety of throws that are designed to take an opponent off balance and throw them to the ground. These throws can be used to control an opponent's movement and set up a finishing technique.

Ground Fighting: Kenpo Karate also includes techniques for ground fighting, which can include grappling, chokes, and strikes while on the ground.

Weapon defense: Kenpo also includes techniques to defend against weapons such as knives and sticks, using blocks, disarms and counters.

These are just a few examples of self-defense techniques that are commonly found in Kenpo Karate. Kenpo is known for its focus on practical self-defense techniques that explore all combat scenarios that are commonly found in a street altercation. Syllabus material is designed to develop a spontaneous reaction to many different self-defense situations that are commonly found in a public environment. Real-world situations need real solutions to a fight or flight situation. 

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